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 July 28, 2015  
 FacilitiesHamilton, Ontario   
Studebaker Corporation of Canada, Limited

Studebaker cars and trucks for the Canadian market were produced in Hamilton, Ontario, in what was one of the most modern and up-to-date plants in Canada. The Studebaker Corporation of Canada, Limited was directly responsible for the sales, parts, accessories and service operations in the Canadian market. Total property area of the plant covered approximately 20 acres and floor space of the plant itself was approximately 325,000 square feet. This plant remained in operation after the shutdown of South Bend in 1963. The last Studebaker rolled off the line in Hamilton in 1966.



 Adapted from "A Trip Through The Studebaker Factory"
Published by The Studebaker Corporation. Date unknown.

Yesterday and Today

The last Studebaker produced, a 1966 Commander, in front of the Hamilton Plant. 


A recent photo of a Lark in front of the same entrance to the plant.


The Hamilton plant in 2010, photographed by Don McIlwain. "The plant went from cars to elevators (Otis) and even a few attempts at use as a movie studio... it is now vacant and for lease/sale." 


The Hamilton facility viewed from the corner of Victoria Avenue and Ferrie Street East. Photo by Rick Cordeiro. (Public domain)  


The Hamilton Plant on Google Maps.

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