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 August 4, 2015  
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Studebaker Pacific Corporation

To expedite the sale, distribution and servicing of Studebaker products in the western states, the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, a wholly owned, autonomous subsidiary - The Studebaker Pacific Corporation - was established in 1935. Their assembly plant in Los Angeles was the focal point for all west coast operations. On three different occasions the plant was expanded. Total land area increased from four to more than eighteen acres. Production eventually reached 136 cars a day.

The Los Angeles plant was modern in every respect. More than 406,000 square feet of floor space were devoted exclusively to final assembly, painting and upholstery operations. Final assembly was made from units and parts - skeleton bodies, power plants, axles, springs, hardware, trim, etc., - that were processed in, and shipped from, South Bend.

Adapted from "A Trip Through The Studebaker Factory"
Published by The Studebaker Corporation. Date unknown.

Studebaker Facilities
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